Our costs vary according to requirement and the location that you’re in. Factors such as the distance that your vehicle needs to be towed for example, play a role in our pricing. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us in order to get a quick quote for our services.

Yes, we are certified.

You can pay by cash on the spot, however we also accept credit cards and payments through PayPal.

No, our services will always be contract free and risk free.

Yes, for car transportation we require a bit of time to arrange the resources needed to move your car to your desired location.

Yes, all our employees are trained and are experts in their fields. Our quality assurance process is quite strict. This is mainly to ensure that our clients receive nothing other than the best quality.

Yes, all of our company trucks and machinery is up to date and inspected regularly for safety and to comply with all standards.

No, you have to pay it yourself but can get it refunded by your insurance by showing the receipt.

No, our costs remain the same throughout the week.


 Yes, but for cars that are lowered, we’d love a heads up so that we can arrange a flatbed tow truck.

Yes,  our team has all needed equipment necessary to tow motorcycles without damage.

Absolutely! Our expert team is trained to unlock any type of car for you.

Heavy-duty towing is one the alternative in towing commercial vehicles from large freight vehicles to heavy vehicles. It involves the use of cranes and heavy equipment to efficiently raise hefty cars once you notice your vehicle needs this service, don’t hesitate to call Interstate Towing Service. Even if you are not sure, our technicians have the required expertise to ascertain if your vehicle needs heavy-duty towing services.

Most definitely, all of our methods are streamlined to safeguard the car from any sort of damage whilst towing.


Our professions provide help to get you out of the issues you face can face on road and assist you if you have got stranded on the road. We provide emergency fuel delivery if customer runs out of the fuel in the middle of road, Our experts also have all the tools to change the flat tire, Moreover we have experts to change the battery of the car and also specially trained technicians to unlock your car if it gets locked with the keys inside or keys are lost by the customer. In addition, we also help remove the damaged cars in road accidents. Holistically, we aim at providing a wide variety of services in order to service your every need.