24 Hour Roadside Assistance

We are on the road 24/7 at your service! Be it your truck, trailers, etc. Honolulu towing services provide you with all kinds of solutions.

Even if you are broken down on the road in the middle of the night, you can our Roadside Assistance, and help will be on its way. We understand how stressful it can be to get stuck unexpectedly with a broken vehicle.We work with a complete range of parts, major fuel, and oil filters. Our service is for any heavy or light-duty truck, both diesel as well as gas.

Our roadside vehicles are equipped fully with a generator, compressor, welder, complete workbench of tools, hot start, and a complete inventory of other tools most commonly used in such emergencies. Of course, we also provide you with a towing service to get your car to the repair facility in case it cannot be fixed on the site.

Our staff is equipped with state of the art tools, cranes, etc. to solve your problems. Our team of experts has hands-on experience in handling different technical problems, fixing broken vehicles, towing them safely to our repair facility, and ensuring customer satisfaction to be their topmost priority.

Our staff also provides other services like delivering fuel, changing tires or batteries of vehicles, etc. We make sure to provide you with a stress-free service so you do not have to worry about being stranded on the road with a vehicle that won’t work. Honolulu towing service is the roadside assistant you will find on every step of your journey! 

Flat Tire/ Tire Change Service

There is nothing more frustrating than a car problem you did not see coming.When you are on your way to run your errands or running late

for work or an important task, and you suddenly get a flat tire. The stress can be too much if there is no service available nearby. We get it. And we are here for help! Honolulu towing services provide you with a diverse range of problem-solving facilities.

We cannot overlook the most basic and common problem faced in our day to day lives; changing a flat tire! Our service not only provides you with a new tire replacement, but we also make sure you do not have to change the tire on your own. Especially if you have never done it before.

It can consume both your time and energy. Moreover, it also gets really difficult to get help from a friend or a relative nearby because sometimes the timing is odd and they can get late. Most of the time, you hardly know anyone who can fix the tire for you, and calling a stranger is not a good option too.

The good news is that you do not need to worry about any of it. Our staff is professionally sound and always on the road for you. Even if you want to get the tire fixed, or properly checked, our towing service also makes it easy to get your car to our repair facility.

The team works hard to ensure satisfaction on your part. The bottom line is; you do not have to worry about tire problems anymore. Just give us a call and we will be on our way.

Car/ Truck Towing

Imagine you are with your family, enjoying your ride and their company. You make sure that everything is in place and good shape.

Somehow, your car breaks down or you get a flat tire. Now you are stuck on the road with a family that in stress as you try to figure out a solution. Or imagine you have a loaded truck that needs to get to its destination in time but the vehicle breaks down and now you are stranded on the road.

Isn’t it convenient to know that there is a service promising you to help in case of both heavy and light vehicle damage, any time, any place? Regardless of where you are, and what kind of vehicle you own, we provide you with the best of services with state of the art towing equipment and professionally sound staff to deal with different kinds of vehicle problems.

Our services are not limited to just towing your vehicle the repair facility. We also work on providing you with high-quality solutions to other problems right on the site or tow your car to where you need it to be.We have strong trucks and cranes for both heavy and light vehicles.

We ensure efficiency in terms of time management, estimating damage, and providing satisfactory facilities that you will not regret trusting. We take responsibility for your vehicle or any part of it that needs to be fixed. Our towing service team is highly experienced in the field and ensure that there is no damage done to your vehicle in the process.


Wrecker Towing

You must have seen a towing truck in an accident situation with the word “wrecker” on its side and wondered how is it any different than normal

towing trucks. A lot of people do not know the difference between normal towing and wrecker towing. This is a term used for the general towing of automobiles. It is among the most commonly used machines for moving vehicles by specialists as they are suitable for different kinds of broken automobiles.

These machines are often seen with a totaled vehicle in an accident and need to be hauled away in cases of irreparable damage. In addition to this, you can also call for a wrecker service to move a broken car  in your junk that can be used for scrapping. Wrecker towing service refers to multiple responsibilities.

These include towing a vehicle that is disabled or wrecked in any way, changing flat tires, jump-starting cars in case of dead batteries, or even unlocking doors when the driver has been locked out. We also carry simpler tasks of repairing smaller vehicle damages.

Our team not only values your vehicle safety, but we also believe in quality customer service to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. While we decide how to take care of the vehicle; whether to fix it on the roadside, or tow it to our repair facility, we make sure about the comfort of our clients in time of stress and drive them to our shop. 

Battery Change/ Jumpstart

Forgetting to turn off your lights, cold weather, lack of usage, a battery can fail for numerous reasons.We’ve all been there, and we know exactly

how frustrating it can be. Being stranded in the middle of nowhere due to your dead battery can be quite a predicament. Reach out to Honolulu towing services for quick assistance with your battery. Batteries may stop anywhere, any time, but rest assured, our team of specialists has got your back.

Our company has several expert workers and each is perfectly trained to assist you in any sort of battery-related problem. They are well versed in jump-starting, replacing and recharging batteries within the shortest possible timeframe without causing hassle.

If your automobile just won’t start despite repeated  attempts, you probably are experiencing battery issues.  It could be a variety of other factors as well, which is why you should definitely not hesitate in reaching out to us in order to have experts resolve your issue for you.

We guarantee that contrary to many other service providers, our team is available to assist you 24/7. There’s no rest for us, even on the holidays! Why take a vacation when we absolutely love what we do? Assisting people in their time of need is a passion of ours and we strive to provide the best quality services possible.

We ensure that we are responsive around the clock, due to the fact that emergencies can occur at any time. Our affordable services are the perfect solution to help you out of your problem.

Accident Removal

Deadly accidents happen every now and then on the road, which is the cause of disturbance for everyone on the scene and you can also be

the unfortunate one that is affected by the accident. In these sorts of situations, medical assistance is a priority. But in these conditions, the added stress of removing the damaged car from the middle of the road to continue the flow of traffic and move your damaged car to another location makes the overall scenario even worse.

We provide professional accident removal services to assist the people of Honolulu in their times of worry. You can leave the towing up to us, and focus on helping out the injured and sorting out your other affairs. We have the best resources available to assist with accident removal and can get this done without causing any further hassle.

Our experts know how to operate state-of-the-art tools at their disposal efficiently and are well equipped to complete the task as quickly as possible. Unlike other towing services, we pay strict attention to every detail. Our team even keeps an eye out for the damaged parts of your car and collects the parts, so you don’t have to pay the replacement charges.

No need to stress out about car accident removal anymore, just give us a call and we will reach out to you at the earliest possible time. We provide 24/7 services so you can get to us at any time whenever you need us and we will respond to you to solve your issues in the least possible amount of time.

Vehicle Lockout Service

Forgot your keys in the car and are now looking for help? Quit blaming yourself and think no more!You have absolutely come to the right place.

Honolulu Towing Services provides vehicle lockout services in emergencies like these. We are available 24/7 with our fast-responding team to get you out of trouble anywhere in the Honolulu area. We will reach out to you as quickly as possible in order to ensure that you are not alone in the time of need.

Our services are quite affordable so you do not need to worry in that regard too. Our team ensures complete client satisfaction and we’re sure you’d definitely consider us for any future predicaments that you’re stuck in as well.  

Our highly trained staff is extremely co-operative and are equipped with the latest tools in order to help you out in no time. We are just a call away at any time of day and every day of the week. Getting our valuable customers out of stressful situations is our utmost priority.

We understand how situations like these can be quite frustrating and without the right experts by your side, it can take forever to get out of.


Fuel Delivery

Forgot to get your fuel tank refilled and are now stranded on the roadside with no fuel and even no station nearby?

Nothing to worry about, Honolulu Towing services have got you covered. We’ve all experienced these sorts of situations and we know how frustrating it can be. We deliver the fuel 24/7 anywhere in Honolulu on just a call.

We realize that your time is of utmost importance and that getting stuck with a dead car on the roadside is indeed a horrible scenario to be in. Therefore, we are here to serve you and provide you our best assistance in the most reasonable prices that one can offer.  We offer our services 24/7 so you can reach to us out for help 24/7.

There may be numerous towing services assuring you that they can help, but they fail to deliver quality services in emergency situations like these. At Honolulu Towing Services, we aim at resolving your issue by keeping your budget in mind and offer help that is affordable by all.

Fast and reliable services are what we strive relentlessly for, so you can always rely on us in your time of emergency. Our team of experts is always ready to solve your issue with great care without wasting your valuable time. Thus, if you are anywhere in Honolulu and are stranded on road with no fuel there is absolutely no need to panic.

We are always one call away from you. Our team will ensure quick delivery of the fuel to you within no time. We assure you that we will promptly respond to your call for help and reach out to you as soon as possible. Thus, please do not hesitate to call us out at your time of need, this is what we do for a living and we will surely never disappoint.

Car Transport

Facing issues regarding the transportation of your vehicle? Towing services Honolulu services is a leading auto transportation service in Honolulu.

Honolulu has gained a reputation for professional services with a personalized touch. Transport your vehicle conveniently with Towing services Honolulu. We have a personal fleet specially designed for vehicle transportation.

Our carriers ensure the safety of your vehicle during transportation. Whenever you’re looking to transport your vehicle, please do keep us in mind! We aim to provide the best quality reliable services that lie within your budget. We ensure complete customer satisfaction and  have strict quality assurance standards in place.

Our services are available 24/7 across Honolulu to help whenever needed. We’re sure that once you utilize our services, you will absolutely not hesitate to recommend us to others! We not only provide fast and low-cost services but also ensure that all precautions are taken to prevent damage to the vehicle during the move.

Our professionals will handle your vehicle with great care throughout both loading, transport, and unloading. If you’re looking to get your car, truck, or any other vehicle anywhere in Honolulu, you definitely have come to the right place. Call us now to transport your vehicle and rest easy knowing that a team of highly qualified professionals is transporting your automobile for you.